Our Mission We Take Pride In G&G Electric Ltd.
Our Mission is to create a better future through forward thinking and environmentally conscience business practices.
We Take Pride In prompt service, safe work procedures and reliable results.
G&G Electric Ltd. Provides high quality commercial and residential electrical services throughout the Lower Mainland.

At G&G Electric Ltd. we provide regulated electrical services for installations on commercial or residential properties that upon finishing are no more than 750 volts to ground. Some of our main clientele include new commercial construction contractors, property management companies, restoration companies and the municipal or federal government. Please browse our site to find out more about G&G Electric Ltd. and to see some of our latest projects.

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Inventory Magazine

Last Fall we were approached by Inventory Magazine to install some lighting for a display case used to present some merchandise. We wanted to create a unique ambiance by incorporating some internal lighting into the display case. The LED fixtures selected worked well with the stores environment and helped the merchandise to ‘pop’ with colour. Our.. read more →